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He is one sensitive soul. These two have intuitive abilities that intensify Pisces and Cancer compatibility. You will work together to make a life that both of you will be happy with. New Articles from Susan. Cancer is ruled by the moon emotionand the Pisces from Jupiter philosophy and Neptune illusion and dreams. The two-star signs feel the immediate attraction.

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Even if the Cancer man, as her loving partner, compiled the paper plan and gave it a ready one, she, metaphorically speaking, is likely to lose it.

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Cancer Men And Pisces Women: Love & Sex Compatibility

Other than this small chance for things to go wrong, Cancer and Pisces leave us with the impression that they can overcome anything together. In marriage, they are devoted to each other building a strong bond. This connection is lasting due to the empathy and compassion each party has for one another. Both of them tend to use their emotions to manipulate others, so this might show to be a great setback for the two. Cancer men are also a few practical in terms of earning and saving money. Another compromise will be over Cancer's love of money and Pisces' detached view.

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