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When a organization or person post something about what service dogs do they use words like should if you are tell people directly this is what the law says and this is the way I would be careful you may find yourself in a court room. Woodward October 4, Wendy May 25, Often a leash will get in the way if we are at an event where it is very crowded. Thank you for submitting your comment! He has never failed to get me to safety.

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I do bring them home treats and goodies cause I love them but I leave them at home it is better than taking them out in degree weather and degree asphalt burning their feet.

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Things Service Dogs in Public Should and Should Not Do

An important point has been left out of this article; the dog should be on leash at all times unless the task specifically requires the dog to be off leash and then the dog is to return and be put on leash as soon as the task is completed. That same old riddle, I never did know why. Nancy June 14, Especially those with TBIs or other cognitive impairment, making everything so much more difficult to accomplish. Lauren April 10, Sometimes lines that fine are drawn by local law.

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k 9 lick um sticks

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