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Might I suggest that you pick a smaller subset of people with whom you have a connection. It's just the term Facebook and MySpace like to use. How can you say you didn't want a big party, when you invited enough people to populate a big party? It takes time to find real friends, but they're out there, and it starts when you first start with the premise that you are worth not wasting your time trying to find them. By spreading it out to three activities instead of one party, you decrease the attractiveness of the event. Don't take it so personally that it makes you bitter about friendships.

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What do you have to do to get there?

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So it's my birthday today and it sucks (vent)

There's nothing wrong with feeling off keel when you need to right yourself. The first problem is that someone receiving an invitation that also went to 99 others will not consider his attendance to be essential, or probably even all that important, to you. No one cares except your mother, and she doesn't care all that much. Anytime anyone says they have a birthday coming up, it's new information to me. Just decide to spend some time trying to make others feel good about themselves -- you'll be amazed how quickly you'll be feeling good about yourself.

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its your birthday now suck it
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its your birthday now suck it
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