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Bin Laden apparently died from two shots to the head, and rumours are already circulating that whichever bodyguard was in possession of that special pistol on Sunday night carried out this final command. Bissonnette dropped down to take a closer look. If Bin Laden becomes an iconic, unifying figurehead, his death may boost rather than diminish the future fortunes of al-Qaida. It was Hussein, who had witnessed everything. Seham was as fearful as bin Laden. Someone was trying to open their door from the outside. Sumaiya and Miriam wanted to turn their father's body toward Mecca as was traditional after death, but the Americans pressed on.

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His mother went to turn on a light, unaware there was a power outage.

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'Is that your guy?': The final hours of Osama bin Laden

No one wanted to call it in until they were sure. Show 25 25 50 All. It sounded like a storm and she thought she glimpsed a shadow passing across the curtained balcony window. Or the last time an Iranian doctor had seen her? I was like, 'This is really cool I'm here. After eating dinner and clearing away the plates, Osama bin Laden's family prayed before he and Amal, his fourth and youngest wife, went to bed. This is it, Maryam thought; the night she had long dreaded.

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osama bin laden suck my news
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osama bin laden suck my news
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