Electric heat plate paint stripper

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The downside of the ROTEX is that like most sanders, it bogs down when it encounters heavy paint build up. How to Safely Strip Paint. The old standard, methylene chloride, is effective but very nasty stuff. This tool is by far the fastest way to remove paint. I am looking for an old one, if it still exists.

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I've used a heat gun and although it is faster than any other stripping method, it is still slow.

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Heat plate for stripping paint

I was hoping to just scrape the loose paint off, unfortunately this is not the easiest way out as it starts peeling where i stopped scraping after a day or two. Here I am dry-fitting the So after reaching the peak of the gable end I have arrived at the following. I must not be looking in the right place because I have not yet found it. In inexperienced hands, can scar wood. I know heat plates or heat grills were used, but have had no luck finding one. I need a tool which removes cement layer so thin on the plastic form work,with out damaging the surface of plastic….

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electric heat plate paint stripper
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electric heat plate paint stripper
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