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A woman gets revenge on a cousin, by sleeping with her boyfriend; a woman is torn between hooking up with a man or woman, before she joins the military; a woman is seeing her ex-boyfriend, who happens to be married to another woman. A women wants to know if her boyfriend, who was bisexual when they met, is still sleeping with men; a woman says her boyfriend's sister is trying to sabotage their relationship; a woman is furious that her sister stole her boyfriend. Add Image S25, Ep A woman wonders if her boyfriend is sleeping with his female roommate; a man is shocked by his girlfriend's revelation. Add Image S25, Ep8. A man deals with the fallout from a threesome gone awry; a woman learns shocking news about her girlfriend; a woman has no qualms about hooking up with other women's boyfriends and husbands. A man is disappointed when a promising online relationship goes nowhere; a pregnant woman shares two surprises with her boyfriend; a woman wonders if her boyfriend is sleeping with another woman.

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A woman says her boyfriend of several years still acts as if he's single; a woman admits she slept with her twin sister's boyfriend; a woman claims the father of her child is a liar. A recap of the show's most memorable moments, including a woman who suspects her man is sleeping with someone in his car pool. Fight highlights from The Jerry Springer Show. Add Image S25, Ep1. After a stunned silence, his fella — Johnny — replied: Devastated Courtney then appears on the stage and tries to lamp her love rival, before Danny tries to reason with her that he wants to be with her, and just have sex with the stripper.

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naked guys on jerry springer
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