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She says she was single during the making of the film, as she is now, and I wondered if she would have made the film had she been in a relationship. This sets it apart from other movies. I really wanted to like this film. An exploration of sex tourism and the breakdown in sexual relations between Western men and women, Platform is decidedly a work in which the sex, while described with straightforward candour, means something more than the act itself. It is put forward as a unique insight into a couples love making, but comes across as the cold, functional sex of a one night stand.

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I can see Michael Winterbottom's point.

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She barely talks to her mother. Just as the live music performances trade the polish of studio recordings for the vitality and rough edges of life, so do the sex scenes offer the power of reality--and its imperfections--in the place of meticulous attention to lighting and makeup. In this sense, at least, on screen as off, there is more latitude for acting in the female sexual performance. There is numerous sex scenes which seem to frequent, long and for the most part pointless. Leo Javaherian 12 from Naas who is

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