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U are full of hate and anger for wot th king is doing,he has changed a lot in sd ,he also travelled to Taiwan to bring back technology,how wud u b able to write all ths bad things to show th world about swazis today? You are beautiful and the innocence just radiates. And it's not because they are practicly naked that this is immoral. For us in the United States, i believe that we are getting into more business that does not concern us. The reed dance celebration is reminder of the covenant between the Heaven and Earth, simultaneously an educational tool emphasising the importance of family. Why are you people of the Kingdom doing this to your people, what leadership are you operating with, why are you leading your people to the grave becuase of hunger.

The difference is that it is not for the purpose of selecting a "wife".

Swaziland: Pornographic Photos and Sex Tourists - the Sleazy Side of Swaziland's Reed Dance

Tradition counts for a lot in Swaziland and the previous king, Sobhuza, had more than 70 wives and children. I am half Swazi and very proud of it. I literally probably have seen them all. These woman do that to respect their culture not for you to come and take the pics and distribute to the whole world and above that for your own monetary benefits. As a woman at this point in time, being exposed and still willing to learn more about my culture I did benefit a lot from the Umhlanga ceremony.

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