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Fuck Huey though, he was not great right from the start. Well now you gotta push that Flounder sized living thing out of it. It's funny because logically speaking, when you take a step back from the entire situation and actually think about it, there's nothing wrong with any part of their actions. Not some asshole who hooked up with and married a woman who looked an awful lot like his dead ex, abandoned her and their son when said ex came back to life, and then cheated on that ex anyway with Emma Frost. How does that work. The problem with Sakura is Kishimoto. I suppose specific locations and dates would determine the legality of it all, but there's only so far I'm willing to look into the deep lore of Otacon's penis.

That was always the weird, unspoken implication of Sonic Adventure 2 for me, that there's a whole weird Egg Family which Shadow is technically a member in of geniuses and the government fucking murdering a bunch of them is why Eggman wants to take over the world.


But since they're turtles, they don't really raise their young after laying the eggs, so their biological parents don't matter. Git Gud Git Gud. Douglas doing the line, pretty sure plenty of pants dropped. Noire Tekken 7 Marvel Vs. Have fun being human!

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